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Thanatos "Theo" Eriksson

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Thanatos "Theo" Eriksson

Post by korrag4 on Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:12 pm

Name: Thanatos "Theo" Eriksson

Age: 24

Birthday: January 22 0072

Gender: Male

Height: 6"1

Weight: 198lb

Hair Color: Silvery blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Nationality/Race: Caucasian (spacenoid)

Allegiance: EFF

Rank: Warrant Officer

Personality: Very lighthearted and kind. Usually finds comfort in giving advice.

Background: Coming from a very wealthy family he had no real troubles in life yet he never felt comfortable in his laid back lifestyle. He lived in a Colony from the day he was born for most of his life and he hated the confined space of it all.
On occasion he would run away and go camp in the fields and artificially forested areas of the colony. Due to this, he developed a very strong connection to nature and grew a compassion for all life. His childhood dream was always to explore space and all it's vastness.

During his teen years the mentality of "love for all" began to fade from him gradually. Looking back on the one year war and other events he started to hate everyone, especially the military. Starting scrapes and skirmishes on a daily basis he became very aggressive but at the same time very frustrated, realizing that no amount of violence would ever comfort the anger he held due to the wars. Around this time he met one of his best friends, a girl named Laura. She was the only person who could see his feelings for what they were and not just a meaninglessly angry personality.

Around the time he turned 20, Theo and Laura were still friends and on the way to the birthday party she had planned for him at a restaurant featuring a view of space there was an attack on the colony in a Zeon attempt to take over the colony, the entry team came in by blowing a hole through the side of the colonies weakest area, the restaurant. During the entry, the explosion ultimately killed Laura and left a terrible scar across Theos left eye, leaving it marked but still usable.

Due to this travesty upon his life, the anger he had once forgotten had swelled up inside of him again, only this time he hated the war and not it's combatants.
After 2 years of depressed living among his new home in a new colony, he had finally collected his thoughts and come to terms with the death of his friend. In a quick decision to change his life for the sake of others, he applied for the EFF. With hopes of stopping the war through negotiation and whatever violence was required, he entered the training camp and left his past with the colonies.

(As a character his compassion drives him to always try and communicate with whatever enemies he encounters before starting a direct conflict. This can be seen as this characters flaw because he will not initiate any type of attack until he is entirely sure that his enemy has no interest in negotiating or surrendering.)

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Re: Thanatos "Theo" Eriksson

Post by MSL on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:23 am

Approved. You'll be a Warrant Officer. About the Newtype angle, we'll see as the story flows. You'll have to work hard to get it. There are three possible ways for your character to evolve. One is, one of your Earth Federation comrades must die in a battle. If they're willing that is. The other two, is a secret that you have to unravel yourself.

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