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New Rules May 08 2012

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New Rules May 08 2012

Post by Lalionus on Tue May 08, 2012 10:00 am

Regarding NPC Control.

-The use of NPCs other than the ones you own (your secondary character) is now NOT ALLOWED. This includes mechanics, engineers, other guards, civilian casualties, etc.

-Pets are allowed (animals, haros) but these cannot save you in on-foot missions (ex. haro takes damage for player). By the way the only the Fortissimo has Haros in the entire LC world.

-You may ask an admin to move an NPC for you. (ex. asking for the admin to get a mechanic to work on your MS or a taxi driver to bring you to a certain location)

All of these rules are enforced to prevent abuse, starting CHAPTER 3 onwards.

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