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PRC-45LVN "Minokawa" (Aislinn Custom)

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PRC-45LVN "Minokawa" (Aislinn Custom)

Post by B.R.O. on Mon May 28, 2012 8:27 pm

PRC-45LVN "Minokawa (Aislinn Custom)"

Created as a commander-use variant of the standard Minokawa, the Aislinn Custom forgoes long-range weapons and instead focuses on close combat and defense. The multi-purpose beam rifle was done away, and in its place, Aislinn's Minokawa carries a large heat weapon called a Buster Hawk. It also features a heavy shield, which serves it greatly in close-quarters fighting.

Although cosmetically, it is similar to the grunt types, Aislinn's suit is in fact, an enhanced unit with thicker armor, and more powerful boosters to move about in all types of terrestrial terrain. And, as the personal mobile suit of the Chinese Army's child-prodigy pilot Aislinn, this customized Minokawa is painted in bright shades of magenta and gold, creating a striking, imposing figure as a leading unit on the frontlines.


HP: 12600 / 12600
EN: 124 / 124
Move: Ground=5, Water=3, Air=0, Space=0


1. Melee Attack (punch, kick, etc)
--PWR: 500
--EN: --
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Normal Melee
--LOCK: 1

2. Heat Talons
--PWR: 4000
--EN: 16
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Normal Melee
--LOCK: 1

3. Buster Hawk
--PWR: 4500
--EN: 20
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Solid Melee
--LOCK: 1

4. Twin Megason Launcher
--PWR: 3000 x 2
--EN: 24
--RNG: 3~5
--TYPE: Beam 2
--LOCK: 1


1. Shield Defense
--Reduce all damage by 50%
--USE: 3/3

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