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Realizing a dream: the "Ultimate Pilot"

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Realizing a dream: the "Ultimate Pilot"

Post by KaraShiranui on Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:39 pm

Creating the perfect soldier is not an easy task. For Zeitgeist, whose forces are vastly outnumbered by the Azure Earth Organization (AEO), the need for the ultimate pilot is very important. Several programs have come and go in order to develop something that can match the superior performance of AEO mecha.

Enter the mysterious Ellida Institute. This research group is funded on something more unconventional than performance enhancing drugs, or intense training regimens. The Ellida Institute focuses on highly controversial method of creating better pilots – the Cyber Ascendant Program (CAP).

The Cyber Ascendant Program is currently the latest attempt of Zeitgeist to tap into the dormant powers of the human mind. The test pilots are often subjected to harsh conditioning that can allow them to improve mobile suit piloting, as well as increased spatial awareness. This is based on the legendary concept of Ascendants, an unconfirmed myth about mobile suit pilots exhibiting extraordinary fighting prowess.

Basing on the Ascendant concept, Ellida’s Cyber Ascendants are meant to do more than just having quick reaction time. They are also trained to use psychokinetic weapons thru an interface. The usage of these weapons may vary from pilot to pilot, depending on the strength of their brainwave activity and mental and emotional maturity. 

The program allows the test pilots to somewhat perform better, but more time and resources are needed in order to fully realize their potential. Although the pilots exhibit a higher form of control and perception, they are unfortunately prone to bouts of insanity, and in some cases, death. Nonetheless, Zeitgeist has fully backed up Ellida Institute’s plans and intends to use the Cyber Ascendants in real combat.

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