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The legendary Warpack

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The legendary Warpack

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Sat Jan 16, 2016 1:17 am


The very mention of its name, evokes terror, hate, respect, and admiration at the same time. This so-called “extremist” group is led by a man called Boss Chief, a renegade who has led numerous attacks against the AEO and Zeitgeist.

Using various stolen AEO and Zeitgeist mobile suits, as well as their own Takk-Shappo, Warpack has carried on numerous missions and scored countless victories with ruthless efficiency. Boss Chief’s true motives for forming the insurgent group remains unknown to the general public, but he has attracted hundreds of followers, all ready to fight and die for Warpack’s cause.

Living up to its fearsome reputation, Warpack is the most feared pirate/terrorist organization out there and they are wanted throughout the solar system, dead or alive.

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