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Seika Fujiura

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Seika Fujiura

Post by *seika~chuutoubu* on Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:52 pm

NAME: Seika Fujiura
AGE: 19
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 106 lbs

FACTION: Zeitgeist Union

Seika is a young pilot from the Zeitgeist Union. As a natural requirement of her work, most of the time she is in uniform. She has some problems with her eyesight, and that is why she wears glasses. She is peach-skinned, with wheat-blonde hair, and turquoise irises framed by thick, long eyelashes. Seika's lips are small, often seen curved with a mischievous or playful smile. 

Always one to have fun, Seika's cheerful personality gets her in trouble most of the time. When her superiors aren't looking, she likes to make faces behind their backs. She also loves to crack jokes and witty remarks even if she's being reprimanded. Beneath her bubbly exterior, is a girl who hates being alone.

Straight out of the military school of Zeitgeist, Seika is a doe-eyed pilot ready to serve her space colony home. Unlike most of Zeitgeist's soldiers, she harbored no particular grudge against anyone, or nurtured feelings of revenge. Her primary reason for joining as a pilot, is because of her adventurous spirit. As a fan of science fiction, Seika had always been fascinated with space battleships, mobile suits, and interplanetary travel.
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Re: Seika Fujiura

Post by Lalionus on Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:58 am


Welcome to the Zeitgeist Union

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