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The Straight Path: True Blue Sphere

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The Straight Path: True Blue Sphere

Post by B.R.O. on Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:47 pm

"The Straight Path!"

To counter the increasing threat of groups like the Warpack, Dragon Fang, and Zeitgeist Union, the Azure Earth Organization created an elite task force to defend the Earth government's interests. This group is known as the True Blue Sphere, otherwise known as the TBS. Their main purpose is to hunt down anti-AEO renegades and silencing sentiments that are detrimental to the AEO. 

In the creation of the TBS, the AEO essentially created a special forces unit that had the ability to act outside the limit of AEO's supervision. As time passed, more people lined up to join the TBS, inspired by the group's success in repelling insurgent movements. 

The TBS's motto is "The Straight Path", and they are very passionate about upholding AEO's status as the governing body across Earth and Space. Usually, only elite soldiers are allowed within the ranks of the TBS, but there are instances where connections are key in order to gain entry.

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